Wash Services

Melbourne’s Best Car Wash Services

Ready 2 Go Car Care provides the best car washing services in Melbourne. With a 9 stage car wash or a mini clean, R2G will leave your car looking it’s absolute best.

9 Stage Clean

Our wash differs from mainstream car washes which often do more long term harm than good as they use dirty and abrasive sponges which leaves swirls and micro abrasions  damaging your clear coat. We utilise the two bucket wash method which mitigates debris being rubbed in to paint work along with superior micro fibre wash mitts which actively prevent the build up of dirt.

Mini Detailing

A superior clean for cars that require more attention than our basic 9 stage clean. We use compressed air and brushes to clean in the hard to reach areas and focus more on the intricate areas.

Clay Bar and Seal

A thorough clean of your car, followed by a clay bar to ensure the safe removal of all surface contaminants, clay barring removes from your car what washing cannot. Finally a layer of Concours NOVA Jet is applied transforming any automotive surface, improving its aesthetics with immense gloss and providing substantial protection and hydrophobicity (Water beading).

Our Other Washing Services