Selecting the right detail

Our car detailing service

Selecting the right detail for your car starts by selecting your are of focus. Ready 2 Go can tailor a detail to suit your budget and requirements. Weather it be an interior detailing packages with light emphasis on exterior or a complete overhaul of the exterior paintwork without adresing the interior we do it all!

Paint Correction removes swirls, oxidisation and defects from paintwork.

Paint Correction

We clean and remove dirt impregnated within the seats, bringing out the natural finish of the leather, we then protect with our automotive leather conditioner.

Leather Clean and Condition

Using our steam cleaning and extraction machines we remove unwanted dirt and stains from mats, carpets and fabric seats.

Steam cleaning and extraction

Headlight Restoration

All types of wheel repair by appointment only

Wheel Repair

Over time oil from our hands seeps in to the fibres in alcantara leaving it shiny and slimy to the touch. Using specialised interior degreasers and compressed steam we remove unwanted waste.

Alcantara treatment

A modern car wash tunnel

Car Wash offers the state of the art technology in the wash tunnel that offers remarkable speed in cleaning the car.

The Automatic Cleaning

The trained professional at our helm gets to work on your car and complete their task of detailing in a record time!

Choose peace of mind

Effective Detergents

Rich in the lather and safe for use as a regular option.

Microfiber Towels

Cleaning materials of microfibers offer a superior choice to clothes or rubber.

Biodegradable Products

All materials we use are absolutely safe for your car’s interiors & exteriors.

Trained Professionals

Car Wash is trained to implement the international standards.

Customer's FAQ

How often should I service?
When to replace the tires?
When to get the oil changed?

The cars we work on can compete with a brand new car!

We are never far away from you, you need to only use the
App to get a booking done.

We always use biodegradable materials for cleaning

Your car always gets protection for its original painting and keeps its
gleam like a new car!